Frequently Asked Questions

frequently-asked-questionYou may have a health issue that is making work difficult or you may not be able to work due to this health issue and have received a call from Work to Wellness

Who are you?

Work to Wellness is a privately owned, BC – based company of experienced and accredited occupational health consultants (for details click on Our Team). Our role: to help you return to work, and/or resolve the issues that are making work difficult for you.

Where will you meet with me?

Off-site, in a safe, comfortable and private setting such as your home or a community space. Our meetings are 100% confidential. We’re here to listen, to support, and to put resources in place for you to gradually regain your health and optimize you work life.

What about my employer?

We are bound by legal and ethical guidelines, as are your employers. No information is shared with out your permission. Your participation is totally voluntary. We follow up with employers to develop a fair return to work plan that meets everyone’s needs. We help employees and employers set reasonable goals, and we keep the lines of communication open.

Who pays for your services?

Your employer, your organization’s insurance carrier, or a combination. Many of our clients are not even aware of the extended health benefits to which they are entitled. We’ll help you navigate your health coverage, and if a recommended treatment is not fully covered we will make funding recommendations.

How long does it take?

Every case is different. The time frame depends on your progress, the severity of your illness or injury, and funding. We work collaboratively with you and your employer to determine a start date, incremental work schedule, on-site accommodations and other support and resources that allow you to return to the job in a healthy, productive way.

What are my responsibilities during this process?

You are a full partner, your honesty and effort is essential to success. The continuation of your benefits often depends on your willingness to actively participate in this vocational process. That’s why we are here. We’ll help you set achievable goals, celebrate your successes, and keep you on track through your recovery.