Our Workshop Facilitators

A Strategic Response to Workplace Mental Health      

Facilitator Bios:

Diana Vissers, BA, MA (Disability Management), MCVP (F), RRP

CEO Work to Wellness- Occupational Health Consultant

Diana Vissers is a professional consultant for disability management with a special focus on mental health. For the past 25 years she has worked with organizations to preserve and promote the health of their employees and with individuals who have and are experiencing health challenges that interfere with work.  Her diverse experience includes working in the private and public sectors, with the Workers’ Compensation Board, private disability insurance companies, unions, and community based mental health agencies. She is an active member of an array of professional organizations including the Human Resources Management Association, Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada, the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professions, a past Director of the British Columbia Vocational Rehabilitation Association, and past Director of the Canadian Association of Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment, and editorial chair for the Rehab Review. Diana recently completed her Masters of Arts degree in Disability Management with a special focus on workplace disability prevention and mental health.