What is in it for Me?

whats-in-it-for-meWork is an Integral part of life

We believe that work is an integral part of life. And what is integral to your organization’s success is satisfied, productive and engaged employees who are the products of a healthy workplace. Our consultants will help you define healthy and introduce best practices to ensure you meet and exceed standards for psychological safety in your work setting.

  • Toxic supervisor who is making others around her sick?
  • Inappropriate messages circulating around the office?
  • Employee on medical leave, and fearful of returning to work?
  • Higher-than-average rates of absenteeism in a particular department?

Unhealthy work environments cost you money and time. Our goal is to fix them. We’ll assess the risk of your troubled supervisor, and develop a strategy agreeable to all. We’ll build a fair return-to-work plan for the employee on long-term disability. We’ll audit your internal communications and suggest new and more respectful ways to interact with each other. We’ll survey your employees to uncover and eliminate root causes of unnecessary work absences.  We treat every participant with respect; we listen to their perspectives, respect their privacy, and value them as you do.

Work to Wellness Process