Our Workshops

Vocational Services

Every Mind Matters at Work

  • A general introduction to mental health in the workplace

Managing Minds at Work

  • Equipping supervisory staff to engage with mental health in the workplace

Mental Health Matters to Us!

  • Joint Occupational Health Committee

Have no Fear!

  • Recognizing, responding and preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace

One step at a time!   

  • Steps and strategies to support success in facilitating return to work

Disability and the Duty to Accommodate in Canada

  • The changing legislative landscape and what you need and want to know

360!  Promoting wholeness to maintain mental health

  • Strategies to sustain mental wellness at work

From Chaos to clarity

  • Identifying the source of and strategies to overcome your overwhelm and overwork and reignite purpose and passion

Get a Grip!

  • Addressing anxiety at work

Into the light!

  • A workshop for those seeking strategies and support to assist then to escape the shadow of depression

Live by choice, not by chance!

  • A workshop on goal setting and goal getting

Across the continuum: From acute to complex chronic pain

  • Assessment intervention and treatment

Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Causes, concurrent disorders and consequences in the workplace