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Unhealthy work environments cost you money and time. Our goal is to fix them. We’ll assess the risk of your troubled supervisor, and develop a strategy agreeable to all. We’ll build a fair return-to-work plan for the employee on long-term disability. We’ll audit your internal communications and suggest new and more respectful ways to interact with each other. We’ll survey your employees to uncover and eliminate root causes of unnecessary work absences. We’re in the business of making your place of business healthy, safe, and productive.

Work To Wellness consultants use their combined years of experience to resolve issues in the workplace that impact your employees’ health – mental, emotional and physical.  We work with individuals inside and outside of the workplace, ensuring each participant’s confidentiality as we address unique healthcare issues.

We manage disability leaves.

We fix dysfunctional work environments.

Bottom line: we get people back to work.

Work To Wellness specializes in return-to-work facilitation and workplace assessment. Facing loss of productivity, extended sick leaves, risk of wrongful dismissal suits, or penalties for failing to meet increasingly complex health and psychological safety standards in the workplace? Work To Wellness intervenes before unhealthy working environments become a drain on your resources.

We take pride in our ability to defuse the most emotionally charged workplace issues surrounding illness, wellness and health. We understand the laws, including what boundaries employers must respect, and what WCB, human rights and other legislation applies in each unique case. We educate employers and employees. Our end goal: a productive workplace, engaged employees, and an organization that meets or exceeds government-mandated requirements for healthy work environments.